Competence-oriented educational television

tet.folio integration of multimedia learning opportunities of television

Acquiring Competencies by watching TV and using tet.folio

The educational channel BR-alpha of Bayerischer Rundfunk traditionally sends features as the "Telekolleg", "Grips" or as career information feature "Ich mach's". BR-alpha also tests the bimedial extension through online features. In cooperation with BR-alpha, TET builds a demonstrator that links linear film formats of television, that give insights into the importance of learning content in the environment, organically with the tet.folio as a platform for active and competency oriented learning.

Producing bimedial educational services for television

TV production in the TET-Lab

In the interaction with television features, the tet.folio as an online medium will not only offer learning materials but also provide powerful tools for the authors of bi-medial education programs that support the different steps from from script creation over production planning to the design of tet.folio content. Thereby the media platform IMPAL plays a central role: it also encourages authors to work in a collaborative team by providing universally applicable components for the tet.folio.

IMPAL in television production

Gyroscope-controlled Panorama in the Greenbox-Studio

IMPAL provides new digital media formats for cost-effective production of educational television content: Gyroscopic controlled Interactive Screen Laboratories provide the virtual background image for the studio production via a studio camera that is mechanically coupled with the mobile device. Camera and moderator move in the 360° - panorama photo that, unlike in the virtual studio, does not show model images from the computer, but real locations. IMPAL will provide a wide variety of locations, that would not be available for television production at all, or at least would only be accessible with great effort.