Technology Enhanced Textbook

Exploring, experimenting, communicating

"Do not touch!" is history - with TET (almost) everything is allowed.

For the development of the educational guideline of the textbook of the future, the "Technology Enhanced Textbook" (TET), we focus on activity and competency-oriented as well as context-related concepts. The cloud-based server technology Impal and the individually customizable knowledge portfolio tet.folio as a link between textbook and living environment are the most prominent pillars of the universal didactic and technological TET system. Activities in the physical environment such as exploring, experimenting, analyzing, planning, measuring, and communicating are supported by individual interactive and sensitive media-, tools- and methods modules.

Experimenting a the tet.table

The close link between the real world and the virtual media elements and tools of the TET system, enables new forms of experimentation. The platform IMPAL extends real life experience through real-image-based, interactive virtual media components on the tet.folio. TET documents and communicates individual experiences and provides them as multimedia components via mobile devices, PCs or interactive high-definition images - in 3D if required.

tet.folio on Smartphones and Tablets

tet.folio in action

Nowadays mobile devices working on iOS or Android platforms enable multiple ways of interacting with the real and virtual world, that go beyond the ordinary communication features. Via touch-sensitive screens one can not only design content with the tet.folio but also operate experiments, tools and interactive media components via gesture control.

Internal and external sensors

Experimenting using the

For experiments and measurements/ recordings tet.folio offers tools to address the internal and external sensors of mobile devices. For example, the allows using image data of internal cameras for motion analysis. Likewise, a variety of data f.e. measured by magnetic field sensors or acceleration sensors, can be preprocessed for diverse learning activities in experimental teaching.

Experimenting using the tessy tet-Internet-Measurement-Interface

Our internet measurement interface tessy sends data that are collected by sensors of the common Cassy system (Leybold didactic) in real time to each tet.folio - on mobile devices or on the smartboard. Students and teachers illustrate and analyze these data as well as document and present measurements with the tet.folio. tessy is not a conventional solution of hardware and app, but an integral component of every tet.folio that can be flexibly adapted to any teaching-learning situation. In lectures, tessy simultaneously sends measurement data from the experiment that is being demonstrated to all tet.folio users in the auditorium. Teaching-learning scenarios that make passive listeners become active learners can be effectively implemented using established IT infrastructure.

Interactive Screen Experiments (ISE)

ISE-Assistent: Experiments are documented in the tet.folio

Interactive Screen Experiments make real experiments interactively available anywhere, anytime via photo animations, videos and measured data. Our cloud-based server IMPAL already offers ISE of many physics experiments as components for the tet.folio. There is a new ISE wizard in the tet.folio that intuitively allows you to document experiment results, design tasks or provide your own ISE to other users on demand. For the professional production of ISE we demonstrate highly automated workflow from data acquisition with multi-camera arrays for the stop-motion animation to generative processes in the post-production of ISE.